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The Nail Adventure

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Welcome to my blog! I am Gaby, a nail artist/tech from California.

    Julep Maven 1 cent Deal!

    Hey Travelers!

    Julep just released a new code to get your first box for only 1 cent!

    The code is: SHAREONMARCH

    Also here is my referral code to Julep: 

    Have a lovely day,


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    IT GIRL Julep Maven Box

    So today I was mailed my 1st Julep Maven box. I purchased it with a coupon code through Youtube that made the regular box price of $19.99 w/ shipping to only 1 cent w/ no shipping fee. Great deal!

    I was sent the IT GIRL box which contains:

    • Rachel - copper shimmer
    • Oscar - gold glitter
    • Meryl - gray creme 
    • sample size 30 spf hand cream

    I loved the package, the nail polish was protected with bubble-wrap, the little red bow, sleek black box. Overall, very well done!

    If you would like to order your own maven box,

    Here is the coupon code to purchase your first box for only 1 cent! Coupon Code : COLOR2012

    and here is a referral to the website

    Have a an awesome day!


    — 2 years ago
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