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Welcome to my blog! I am Gaby, a nail artist/tech from California.

    Anonymous asked: I'm just wondering.. I'm really into painting my nails, but I'm scared that it's really bad for my nails. I don't want to grow old and have my nails rot off. Is it bad to paint nails too much?


    In this day in age it isn’t! The best way to take care of your nails and paint them is to use a nice base coat that suits the needs of your nails. Just watch out for chemicals, known as the Big 3, such as DBP, Formaldehyde, and Toluene.

    Most nail polishes are 3 free, but some base coats and top coats are not. For example OPI Nail Envy contains formaldehyde and Seche Vite contains Toluene. 

    As long as you do not damage your nail matrix, the area from which your nails grow from underneath your nail plate, and keep the skin around your nails healthy and clean you’ll be just fine.

    — 2 years ago